Peter Pan and the Cheating Man

The need for Pans to inflate their egos generally leads to one or more forms of infidelity and feelings of betrayal suffered by their partners. Why do these males cheat and how you can notice the signs and walk run away?

Why do Peter Pan males cheat?

1. Self-esteem issues:

The male ego is a ridiculously fragile beast. Just as an infant cannot wipe its own ass, a Pan cannot build his own ego and esteem. Because not one person can build the Pan ego in the ways that they need, they turn to others for self-validation. Instead of working on themselves, being worthy men, and forming their lives into something they can be proud of; they seek approval for their part time jobs, unbrushed teeth, and inability to pay for your coffee.

They will take this ass-wiping from any and all women with a damp and ready cloth. Unfortunately, it will never be enough and their asses will always feel dirty and they will always feel empty inside.

2. Narcissism:

These men have grandiose views of themselves. They are all important and need to make sure that they are regarded as paramount by everyone around them. Because their need to feel this way is never fulfilled, they will constantly seek victims who will ass-wipe their esteem to grand significance.

If you do not care if a Pan in his 30s is popular, has social pull, and has 2,347 friends on Facebook, he will more than likely go cheat on you with someone who does.

3. Many easily available options:

Someone once told me, “Why pay for the five-course meal when you can have the full buffet spread for free?”. Please, ladies, remember this statement when you are making yourself readily available to men and not asking them to show you how they are valuing you.

If you are not the ideal of perfection in a Pan’s mind, he will seek out that non-existant form of perfection endlessly through many mediums that are right at his fingertips (Facebook, Tinder, OKCupid, Craigslist, etc.). Why would they want to accept you and your flaws when they can find someone who better, younger, “more cool”, “more chill”, etc?

Keep in mind: You are beautiful just the way you are, and they will never end the cycle of perpetually searching for perfection because it is not real.

4. Technology:

Because we live in a day and age of technology, a disloyal and incompassionate adult can distract themselves from their “difficult” lives in one swipe or one new message.

Rather than valuing and regarding the relationships they have, they are able to swipe left and right and not think about the obligations they have to making a committed relationship function. Adult men understand relationships take effort and require tender care and work from time to time.

5. They have issues with their penis size or erectile dysfunction (ED):

Pan males will make other women suffer so they can forget. Of course he will probably resort to cheating in emotional ways and usually by way of technology. Because what ego-driven man wants to let the world know that they are ill-equipped and unable to perform?

What are some of the signs and and how can you walk away?

1. Hot and cold?

He starts of very hot and heavy with you, then he disconnects from you quickly, with no explanation, then treats you as if you are needy or clingy for wanting to understand his shift in behavior.

Solution? Leave him. He’s an asshole. Go find a man who will always make you feel beautiful, valued, and appreciated.

2. You’re crazy! You have trust issues!

When you approach him with feelings of jealousy and mistrust, and he tries to tell you that you are crazy and psycho and tries to focus on your “trust issues”.

A real man will try to get to the root of the problem with you and work through any difficult feelings you are experiencing. Pans will invalidate you in order to shut you down, make you question yourself, and make you feel like you should never bring the topic up again. They shift the focus to your own mental health and distract you from the issue at hand. Read more here and expect and entire blog on this topic soon.

Solution? Why don’t you do something real crazy and LEAVE THEM. If a man ever tries to make you feel like your feelings are not only illogical, but a sign of mental illness (and they truly are not), get away. Period.

3. How often and linked up to technology is he?

If he has a Facebook account for himself, all four of his bands, his terrible photography page, and his art, this should be a red flag. Add a Twitter, Instagram, and above necessary social media outlets, and you can guarantee to also find a dating app hidden somewhere on his phone or find the craigslist “casual encounters” in his search history.

I am not saying being linked to Social Media indicates cheating; however, if you are dating a Pan and he is on his phone every five minutes checking his 10 social media accounts instead of spending quality time with you, this is is a red flag.

Solution? The real answer here is that if you are feeling untrusting and unsure and you are dating a Pan, break up with him. Yet, if you are the type of the person who needs answers and to reassure yourself that you are making the right decision; take his phone and look all the way around and through it. That’s right, snoop through his shit. Whether you get your answers or not, realize you are with a man that makes you feel the need to search and leave him.

4. Inconsistent Erectile Dysfunction:

Some men do suffer from consistent erectile dysfunction, and I am not talking about those men. If it is inconsistent and generally happens when you notice the above behaviors occurring, this is a sign of cheating. I once dated a man who was absolutely able and the sexual attraction between us ran high. However, he had bouts of ED and they directly correlated with the times he was out and being a lying, cheating, asshole.

Solution? Once you have found out he was cheating, you can decide to take the high road and leave him and say nothing. Or you can go for a little taste of vindication and tell everyone about his ED. Everyone. Your choice. I know what my choice will be the day I become famous from this blog.

End Note:

Remember you are beautiful, and when men cheat it is never because you deserve it. Ever. Pan men cheat because they cannot “wipe their own asses” and stroke their own egos. They are so little and empty on the inside that they are constantly seeking fulfillment from others, and they think that they are so important with their 20 hour a week jobs and popular social circles. Seriously, is popularity still a thing in your 30s? Take care of yourself, your body, your mind, and run far away from a man if you ever suspect he is cheating. Do not forgive it. It is not worth it.


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