Dating in your 30s and the Peter Pan Syndrome


This may be offensive. This may be enlightening, inspiring, or acknowledging. I want this to be controversial. I want this to be powerful. This is a blatant, social issue that needs to be brought to the public arena. Accordingly, it should be discussed and debated. People may call the statements made in this blog generalizing, perhaps sexist, and argue the accuracy found within these personal accounts.

I welcome it all.

In order to start a social movement against men in their 30s who are purported victims of “The Peter Pan Syndrome”. In order to voice declarations for women in their 30s who endure dating these men time and time again. To provide reprisal and retribution to those of us who are perplexed and enraged by the man child that lives within our generation; I give to you: Escaping Pan. Welcome. Join me.


4 thoughts on “Dating in your 30s and the Peter Pan Syndrome

  1. The Wendy Dilemma. Are we all Wendys? I didn’t want to believe so but the more I read The Wendy Dilemma, the more I realized I am. Is this you? Young female taking on more responsibility for her age starting in childhood, holds a ‘real’ job, pays her own way and always has. You meet a fun-loving guy and think, “I need some fun in my life”. The fun ends when Wendy continually foots the bill, takes care of all household responsibilities, etc.
    My Peter is now 54. He’s about to be an ex. The older they get the more they try to compensate for their fun loving ‘daze’ and become workaholics and alcoholics. They neglect everything else in life because, “I have to work!”.
    I so want to say, “Well, duh? I’ve been working for 25 years!”
    Peter’s wants/needs are always more important than anything else, period. Period. (Poor eating habits, like eating like a hog at a trough, poor hygiene, overweight)
    Please note and beware: When Peter gets to this stage in his older years, the alcoholism will come to include emotional, verbal, and possibly physical abuse.
    When Wendy (after many long years) breaks away, Peter will go into a rage. A quote from my Peter whilst going through divorce, “What’s mine is mine, what’s right is right!”
    I’m so glad the eyes of the law didn’t agree with Peter; not one bit.
    There absolutely is no way to change them. Do not even waste your time. I know, I know, easier said than done.
    Maybe if all the Wendys would read enough from other Wendys, they might not fall so deeply into this trap.


    • I agree, and this is why I started this blog. To raise awareness. I do not know if I believe these men can change, but at the very least we can choose to not accept their behavior. Thank you for reading and for contributing your knowledge. I hope you find happiness with the exit of the Peter Pan from your life.


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